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10.07.2019 Report on the cyber-attack on the OFFIX Group in the NZZ (text in german)

Cyber attacks on companies are on the rise. Most victims try not to let any of this go public. The situation is different for the trading company Offix.

03.07.2019 Report on the cyber-attack on the OFFIX Group on (text in german)

The ransomware trio Emotet, Trickbot and Ryuk has crippled the IT systems of the Offix group. CEO Martin Kelterborn explains the course of the hacking attack in an interview with

11.06.2019 Portrait of Martin Kelterborn in the Swiss IT Reseller

Commitment, getting involved and making a difference – that is important to him, says Martin Kelterborn, CEO of Offix Holding, in the portrait of "Swiss IT Reseller".

11.01.2019 PEG acquires majority shareholding in OFFIX Holding Ltd (text in german)

Papeteristen Einkaufsgenossenschaft PEG raises its investment in OFFIX Holding Ltd from currently 40% to 80% and acquires the majority of shares as has been planned since 2015.

01.12.2018 Martin Kelterborn in an interview with Swiss IT Reseller (text in german)

Martin Kelterborn, CEO of Offix Holding since September, will lead the group of companies, to which Ecomedia and Oridis also belong, into the future. He explains how he intends to do so in an interview.

17.10.2018 Martin Kelterborn in an interview with (text in german)

An interview about extra miles, digital challenges and opportunities for specialist retailers.

19.03.2018 New CEO for OFFIX Group (text in german)

Martin Kelterborn will take over the helm at OFFIX Group as of 1 September 2018. The incumbent CEO, Peter Bühler, will hand over operational management tasks during the course of succession and accompany the new CEO during the induction phase.

29.05.2015 PEG and Ecomedia AG – Joining forces in the OFFIX Group (text in german)

PEG’s annual general assembly voted in favour of the transaction with an overwhelming majority on 29 May 2015.

07.05.2015 PEG and Ecomedia join forces (text in german)

Two strong partners join forces PEG and Ecomedia will in future join forces and pool resources to proactively meet the demands of the market.

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